Battle Writers Group has produced another anthology titled “Cornucopia”  containing 49 poems, short stories and factual pieces written by members of the group.

As well as this the group has produced 2 books of short stories and poems, the first was ‘BOMB THE BEGONIAS’, and more recently ‘PIECES FROM EIGHT’
Price £2.50
Tel No: 01424 870520

We have also produced our own individual books:-

Julia Chapman has written 2 books about her village of Sedlescombe

Which is a snapshot history of Sedlescombe.
Introduction – Sedlescombe. The word means ‘settlement in a valley’.   The village dates back to around 2000BC. and lays in a pleasant setting with charming houses to each side of a village green on which stands a water pump, under a gable roofed shelter, dating back to 1900…..


The memories of the people of Sedlescombe Village
Introduction – It is hard to imagine now how life was back in the early 1950’s …

Both books are £9.00 each and can be purchased from Julia
On tel: 01424 870520 0r from Sedlescombe village stores.

Jenny Hall has written a series of novels:-

‘ON THE DRAGON’S BREATH’ A tale about the greatest sorcerer of all time – Merlin the magician – that embraces mystery, magic, mayhem and madness alongside dragon’s, druids and a dreadful witch……..

Jack our 20th century hero, is taken back through the mists of time on the Dragon’s Breath, to a time of adventure in the Dark Ages of King Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon. He shares those adventures with the future king’s wolfhound, Cabal, who is more than just a dog, this tale is a must read.  Ranging from the nail-biting frightening to the hysterically funny – this is a fantasy to please both young and old alike.  Price £6.99

‘THE GLASTON GIANT’ A further tale about the greatest sorcerer of all time – Merlin the magician – bringing to life the pageantry, power and passion of the Dark Ages of King Arthur…….

Merlin, drawing our 20th century hero, Jack, back through the mists, plunges him once more into the intrigues and adventures of a time long forgotten – a time of wizards, dragons, giants and the faerie.  Their task, ultimately, is to find and dispose of the giant.  So it is that, together with Arthur’s faithful hound, Cabal, they set off … eventually to tangle with fabulous beasts and partake of frightening escapades before coming face to face with that fearful giant and his fanatical sidekick who is none other than that evil witch Mad Mab.  A fast-paced, heart-stoppingly scary and humorous sequel to On the Dragon’s Breath – this is, once again, a fantastical adventure for all ages.  Price £6.99

‘THE PLACE OF SHADES’ A further tale about the greatest sorcerer of all time – Merlin the magician … and pirates…….

Percy – alone and friendless – finds himself below decks, in semi-darkness and manacled to an oar on a pirate ship. ‘But there aren’t any pirates like this any- more’. The whip that cracks across his shoulders tells him otherwise.  Transported across time and space he soon discovers the madness of another world where pirates – especially the Jackal (and is he all he makes out to be?) – run the show and other mysterious beings add to the insanity that runs riot in the Place of Shades (or should it be called by its proper name The Place of the Dead!).  Discovering Arthur has been sent there, Merlin and Salazar, with time running out, seek to find an entry into this world to not only save both young men but capture the Treasure before their evil adversary gets to it first! Will they be able to achieve this and, more importantly, will any of them escape with their lives.  Price £7.99

‘THE MASQUE OF MYSTERY’ A further tale about the greatest sorcerer of all time – Merlin the magician…….

Another two years have passed and, without any clue that it was about to happen, Jack suddenly finds himself back in the Dark Ages once again.  A trail of devastation, disappearances, destruction and death can mean only one thing – that the mad witch Mab, has returned –and she’s not only been able to escape the Place of Shades but has got her hands on a mask that once she can unlock its secrets could make her the most powerful sorcerer of all time.  “Watch out Merlin”.  But where is Merlin? It’s said he’s gone mad and wanders the forests babbling uncontrollably, but no-one can be sure as he’s completely disappeared.  Arthur is fighting in the North and things look bad enough anyway – but then Rhianne is taken!  Price £7.99

‘THE PROPHECY OF AVALON’ A further tale about the greatest sorcerer of all time – Merlin the magician.  It’s the final countdown – or is it?…….

Having languished in the 20th Century for a year, Jack is finally brought back to the Dark Ages of Merlin to aid the fight against evil.  He can’t wait to be reunited with Rhianne, where a great shock awaits him, but he won’t be given time to dwell on it for too long as other things intrude: Moon Song is dying, Kate is kidnapped and the Once and future King is under threat.  The only thing that can save them all is the powerful sword Excalibur – unless Mab gets to it first!  Price £7.99

Books can be purchased from Jenny Tel No. 01424 218987

Harry Lawrie has published a book devoted to a non-scientific study of the misadventures of the middle aged man entitled ‘Midlife Mayhem or The misadventures of the middle-aged man’ in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

Roy Chapman has self-published his book titled ‘One Last Chance’, which is the touching, heart-warming memoirs of being in an orphanage in the late 1940’s at ‘The Babies Castle’ Hawkhurst, Kent; and then later finding his family.

Price is £9 plus postage and packing and can be purchased from Roy Tel No: 01424 870520 – or from Sedlescombe Village Shop.

Roy has also written One Last Chance Part II My Continuing Journey. This second book is about finding his father’s side of the family through DNA and is priced at £6.  It can be purchased on  01424 870520 – or from Sedlescombe Village Shop.

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